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1-4-20: Happy New Year!

12-20-17: Head over to and pre-order our new OFFICIAL KISS POSTER MAGAZINE! It is gonna be loaded with my photos!

9-4-17: New Convention Dates Added!

8-16-17: Brian will be hosting a special screening of
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD followed by a Q&A with legendary co-creator John Russo in
Lafayette, Louisiana on September 16.

Sponsored By: Fantasm Media ad AVC Conventions

17: Remembering George A. Romero

The Christmas I turned 12, my mom and dad bought a VCR and three video tapes for me:  The Three Stooges: Disorder in the Court, a double feature of Psychomania/Alice Sweet Alice and Night of the Living Dead.  These were the Goodtimes public domain releases. This was the first time I was ever able to watch a film at my leisure.  I could jump back and see things again or pause a scene and absorb the frame.  I loved them all, and Psychomania quickly won my favor, but it was Night of the Living Dead that won my heart.  Sure I loved movies before then, but Night changed everything for me.  It scared me, it thrilled me and it made me question everything about what a great film could be.  My mom and dad had no idea, but that film set me on a path that would forever shape what I would become.  George. A. Romero was the name on the screen and I was in awe of what he created.

Twelve-year-old Brian who ate, lived and breathed Kiss and Night of the Living Dead would never have imagined that years later, my love of the film Psychomania would lead me to a friendship with some crazy Canadian writer named Chris Alexander, who was just as obsessed with George and his films as I was.  Chris would ultimately introduce me to George.  Meeting him for the first time was strange and not what I expected...Just a friendly old gentleman with big glasses and an even bigger smile.  I was in awe of his talent as much as an adult as I was when I was a kid, but I instantly felt totally I was talking to an old friend.  He just had that way about him.

It was an honor sharing the stage with him, working for him as his web designer and collaborating with Chris on our forthcoming magazine that we were creating with George.  When we began, we had no idea that what we were creating would become so poignant, but here we are.

When I got the news today, I was shocked.  I was one of the few that had known how sick he really was.  Knowing something like that was a really weird place to be in, and knowing made the news no less easy to bear.  The world lost a giant today.

They say never meet your heroes.  I call bullshit.  Meet them, tell them how they inspired you and then go inspire others.

Thanks for everything, George.  You changed my life.

17 Entertainment Weekly covers FANTASM!
Click Here!

17 ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH OF FANTASM MEDIA!  My new company with partners Chris Alexander and Bill Mohalley  Click here for more info:

3-19-17 RIP Bernie Wrightson
Read my eulogy prepared for HERE

New art added. 

I put up a Patreon page today.  It's like an artist subscription box service.  Check it out!

I put a new coat of paint on the site today.  Appearance dates added.  Have you ordered THE OFFICIAL KISS MAGAZINE yet?  Let us know what you think!  We had a blast creating it!

NOW TAKING COMMISSIONS!  E-Mail me!  I will also have a limited number of copies of the KISS comic book sketch cover variant for doing original commissions.  Contact me ASAP to get on the list!  They are being spoken for QUICKLY!

THE OFFICIAL KISS MAGAZINE is now available! Click the photo below to order!

8-15-16  I'm back from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I met up with Chris Alexander, Justin Beahm and Keith Leroux at the KISS show.  We sort of leaked the fact that we are releasing THE OFFICIAL KISS MAGAZINE during the KISS live Facebook feed.  After two years, I can finally talk about it!  Official announcement from KISS coming soon!  This week, I'm in Dallas with Ace Frehley!

8-5-16  Guns N' Roses was nice enough to invite my wife & me out to the Dallas show this week.  So, so good!  I'm off to Michigan this week for some more KISS action.  NEW KISS PROJECT ANNOUNCED SOON!  Some new art posted this week as well.

8-1-16  FINALLY!  An update!  A huge amount of concert photography has been added, along with the writing archive being almost doubled in size!  New art and more writing will be added soon. 

5-14-16  Quick update, as I am working to add a lot to the site soon.  This past week I did an in-store appearance in Burleson, TX, attended the Rock & Brews grand opening with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley and photographed the Pop Evil, Rob Zombie & Disturbed show.  Working on getting sort of caught up on commissions, articles and art.

4-24-16  Amon Amarth - Entombed A.D. - Exmortus tour coverage is live at:

4-23-16  Everything just flew into high gear!  I'm currently working on the Firefly card game for Upper Deck (yes, the TV show) and getting ready for Texas Frightmare Weekend - next weekend!  I'll be onstage all weekend doing Q&A's with George Romero, the cast of Return Of The Living Dead & Tony Todd.  A super secret KISS project just kicked into high gear as well!  Speaking of KISS, I'll be attending the Rock & Brews Grand Opening with Gene & Paul on May 10th in The Colony, Texas.  Tomorrow, I'll be in Dallas photographing Lody Kong, Abnormality, Battlecross & Soulfly.  This week is full of interviews, art and writing!  The fun never ends!

4-6-16 Check out my advance review of Ace Frehley's NEW ALBUM!  Origins Vol. 1 hits shelves April 15!
Review Here: Ace Frehley Album Review

3-27-16 Decibel Magazine Tour coverage added!  Skeletonwitch, Abbath, High On Fire & Tribulation!

3-24-16 Site update!  New Convention Dates added!

This weekend I'll be doing a top secret set visit!  I'll fill you in via as soon as I'm able.  until then....Shhhhh!

John Schneider interview Part 2 is live at - We talk about his upcoming film, Anderson Bench.

3-23-16 John Schneider interview Part 1 is live at - We discuss his newest film, Smothered.

3-18-16 Michale Graves concert review and photo gallery is live at:

3-2-16  My coverage of Ace Frehley Live in Dallas is now up at:

2-7-16 You can now read my entire Gene Simmons interview from Delirium #9 right here!  CLICK HERE to check it out!

2-2-16 My coverage of KISS Live in Oklahoma is now up on:

1-28-16 I'll be photographing KISS tomorrow in Durant, OK of all places.  Coverage & photos to follow on  They will be doing a one-off show at the Chocktaw Grand Theater.

1-19-16 Have you ordered Delirium #9?
The current issue of the magazine features not one BUT TWO Gene Simmons interviews! The first one is penned by master of all things Delirium, Editor-In-Chief, Chris Alexander and the second by me!  Not to mention, my cover painting of the demon of the hour himself, Gene Simmons!

Get your copy at:

Back online.  Hosting company had no explanation as to why I was down 3 days.  But, we are back!  Updates in the works!

1-1-16 Happy New Year!

UPDATE! Delirium #9 drops soon, kids! This issue features not one BUT TWO Gene Simmons interviews! The first one is penned by master of all things Delirium, Editor-In-Chief, Chris Alexander and the second by me! This was originally going to be a sidebar about Gene's films, but Gene and I had such a great conversation it became essentially a second full interview! Inside, you will also find my column, Strange Love - this time, I look at the bizarre, strange love cinema goers have with torture and rape films such as Hostel and I Spit On Your Grave! Not to mention, my cover painting of the demon of the hour himself, Gene Simmons! Below, is a sneaky peek at page one of my demonic dialogue with the KISS founder!

You can order this issue now by hitting or better yet, SUBSCRIBE by going to

10-12-15 I'll be appearing at the Tyler Rose City ComicCon
October 23-23 in Tyler, Texas with my friends Clu Gulager, John Gulager & Diane Goldner.  We have set up a fantastic "Gulager Family Film" screening for Saturday night.  Click the graphic below to find out more! 

Also, Fangoria #345 will feature my in-depth interview with Clu!  Be sure and check it out next month!

9-28-15 Site updates abound!  Added my Ace Frehley Web report to the Fango page.  I'll be adding some of my photography to the site soon including some live shots from when I covered some of Ace Frehley's Space Invader tour.

9-26-15 Gene Simmons called me today.  There is a sentence I never thought I'd write or speak aloud... Sorry, 12 year old me crept out a bit there!  I interviewed him today for Delirium Magazine #9.  Some outtakes will appear on my radio show later on as well.

9-17-15 Another huge update today!  You can now read my Strange Love column from past issues of Delirium Magazine right here on my site.  Click Here

9-16-15 I cannot put into words, written or spoken, as to how excited I am to announce that I got to paint the cover image for Delirium #9 featuring Gene Simmons, The Demon of the greatest band on the planet, KISS!  Inside the pages of this issue, my friend, Chris Alexander, delivers an in-depth interview with the man himself!  I also contribute an article about Gene's film career and my ongoing column, Strange Love, will be along for the ride!  Also, my friend Charles Band will be spilling the beans on all of his latest projects!  Out early November! Go to to preorder a copy!

9-11-15  Fangoria #344 featuring the exquisite Mistress of The Dark, Elvira! I had a great time working with Cassandra Peterson on this issue.  Inside, you will find not one, but TWO interviews with her!  One by Brice McVicar and the other by little ol' me!  I also contributed a centerspread painting of the lovely macabre maiden!

9-7-15 Finally!  An update!  The site is out of hibernation!  I'll be rolling out a lot of updates and new art and info in the next few days.

4-25-15 See you at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, Texas at the Fangoria booth!  May 1-3

1-29-15  Hope the New Year is treating you all well!  Tons going on here!  Stay tuned for a proper update!

I AM TAKING COMMISSIONS!  If you want sketches, full illustrations or paintings, Email me!

12-9-14  If you are in Biloxi, Mississippi this weekend, come see me at Geekonomicon!  I'll be a guest there all three days!

Pick up your copies of these great magazines.  Fango #337 features my interview with legendary KISS guitarist, Ace Frehley, Gorezone #33 featuring my Faces of Death painted cover and Delirium #5 features the first installment of my new column, Strange Love.

11-01-14 Illustration Section Updated!

10-31-14 Happy Halloween!

10-28-14  I'm baaaaaack!  Big site update!
Pick up a copy of Fangoria #337 featuring my Ace Frehley interview and special "Destroyer" era art now!

9-13-14 I just finished the cover of the upcoming issue of Gorezone.  Also, be on the lookout for the Halloween issue of Fangoria, I did an interview with a Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer and painted a cool poster to accompany it!

This coming Tuesday, former
KISS guitarist, BRUCE KULICK will join me on my radio show.  Check out my facebook page for details on how to win an autographed Bruce Kulick BK3 CD just for listening to the show!

  God Bless America

9-10-14  Starting work on a new column for Delirium magazine.  It will focus on the weird connection between exploitation films and nudity/sexuality.  Why does it seem to be a requirement?  Would we miss it if it was absent?  Why are we hard wired to expect it?  I may approach these questions.  I may just seek out the silly weird stuff that is out there that you probably want to see.  Yeah, probably that...

8-24-14  I'll be at the Ark-La-Tex ComicCon next weekend (Aug 30-31) in Texarkana, TX.  Theo Crane (AMC's The Walking Dead) will also be there and we will be doing a little bit of promo for our upcoming film, Elephant Man of War.
I'll be signing body parts (attached and not), legal documents, art and whatever else you bring for me to scribble on!

8-21-14  Hey all.  I'm hard at work on some top secret art this week!!!

I have former KISS and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarist, Bruce Kulick on tap for an upcoming radio show!  Details soon!!!!

8-11-14  New art added!  The latest issue of Gorezone features a "Pieces" centerfold I painted.  You can also check it out in the illustration section.  If you want the uncensored version, get a copy of the newest issue of Gorezone!

Coming soon in Fangoria will be two interview articles I penned.  One features my favorite living actor and the other the greatest guitarist of all time.  Here is a hint: he hails from planet Jendel!!!

This Saturday I'll be at the River City Comic Expo in Little Rock, AR.  Come see me!

7-15-14  Tonight on the radio with me, my pal, Chris Alexander of Fangoria, Gorezone & Delirium magazines!

7-9-14  Hey guys.  So I sat here today spinning vinyl putting the finishing touches on the Horror-Rama website.  This is one of the coolest conventions Fangoria has had their hands squished into in a long time!  Toronto is a lucky city indeed.

I have been a little lazy on the site updates lately.  If you are one of the ones that take time to stop by, I apologize.

I have been doing some traditional painting with my good friend, Eerie Von and we are going to release a set of prints soon. 

Additionally, I have been writing for Fango as well as finishing up some art you can check out soon.

6-21-14  See you next weekend at Days of The Dead in Indianapolis, IN.  I'll be there with my pal Eerie Von.  Come find us!  I'll be sporting my licensed poster series and tons of other cool stuff including some sweet Fangoria swag!

6-2-14  Join me at little Rock Comic Con this coming weekend!!!  I'll be doing sketches, selling prints and I'll have a few copies of the Bullets, Bombs & Babes book, Gorezone issue #29 and Fangoria prints as well.

5-30-14  Hey guys!  Can you believe May is over?  This year has flown by!  My updates have been a little sporadic lately as I have been so busy.  I just turned in a centerfold image for Gorezone #32 and am currently working on two articles for Fango.  These are BOTH dream projects for me.  One is my favorite musician of all time and the other my favorite living actor!

But Brian, where is the art you ask?  Well, it's coming soon.  I have a lot of finished stuff and a lot in the works I just cannot show yet.  I just completed a movie poster for a remake film I'm working on.  You can see that soon.

 5-25-14  Not too many updaes lately as I have been hard at work on concept art for my film Elephant Man Of War and other goodies like an upcoming Gorezone cover painting.

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow.  Everyone be safe and remember that it isn't just a day to cook out.  Thank a vet for your freedom and remember all the ones who gave all they had for this nation.

5-15-14 The Texas Frightmare Weekend panels have been posted.  Check out the Fangoria: 35 years of Fright panel I was a part of HERE.

5-7-14 Hey everyone, I'm back from the spectacular show, Texas Frightmare Weekend. It was AMAZING.  Being part of the Fangoria presence was a lot of fun.  I also  participated in the Fangoria panel on Saturday. 

I hadn't seen Ace Frehley and his guys in a while so it was great to catch up with friends.  Ace is a very artistic guy and really up with digital art tech so, we had a blast talking shop.

ALSO, I can't wait for the big reveal, KISS fans are gonna flip when they see the new art for his album "Space Invader"!
Ace showed me in confidence on his phone a few shots of the art in progress....AMAZING!!!!! 

This week, I'm helping a friend get some stuff ready for some films headed to Cannes as well as some new centerfold and cover art for upcoming issues of GOREZONE!

We are marching forward with our film, Elephant Man Of War and have already secured distribution!  Next month, we will have Laurence Harvey go "under the goo" for his life cast to begin the makeup and prosthetic creation!

AND...Get ready for a blast from the past, my partners Chris, Dave and I are getting to release another film upon the world.  That's all I'm saying for now.  I never thought I'd remake a film but this one is VERY deserving!!!

Don't forget, Eerie Von and I will be at Days Of The Dead, Indianapolis next month!

4-23-14  Click the picture below to see the 2 exclusive prints available only at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX May 2-4 at the Fangoria booth.

4-21-14 Appearances schedule updated!!!

May 2-4 I'll be in Dallas, Texas at Texas Frightmare Weekend.  Come by and see me at the Fangoria booth!  I'll have all my Fangoria posters as well as some of my originals and a couple of brand new prints!

3-26-14 Appearances schedule updated with a few new dates.

I've been working on a new licensed poster print for a Lucio Fulci film that will first appear as an exclusive centerfold in an upcoming issue of
Fangoria's sister publication, Gorezone magazine.

We are officially in pre-production on my film,
Elephant Man of War!  My friend, Theo Crane from AMC's The Walking Dead is co-producing and has been cast as Frankenhitler.
Laurence R. Harvey of The Human Centipede 2 & 3 fame has been cast in the title role.

3-26-14 Come see me at Texas Frightmare Weekend.  I'll be at the Fangoria booth pimping my licensed poster series and GoreZone stuff!  Can NOT wait!!!

3-25-14 Tonight on "A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward" I welcome my friend and returning guest, Editor in Chief of Fangoria, Chris Alexander!

Booked a new show today, I will add it to the "Appearances" list as soon as I have a chance.  Working on a licensed
"Pieces" poster today.  Zappa's "Joe's Garage Act I." is currently spinning on the turntable.  It never gets even a little old.

Sad news.  Dave Brockie, front man of metal band GWAR has died.  I have to say as easy as it is to say nice things about the dead, he was as nice, warm and funny as a person could be.

He was a very underrated front man in a criminally underrated band.  My thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family, friends and his birds.

3-20-14  New licensed art for the films SOCIETY and CANNIBAL FEROX added today!

New horror film franchise print announcement coming soon!

2-20-14  My New Limited Edition Licensed Horror Poster Series is now available in the store at FANGORIA.COM!!!!

2-18-14  Tonight, Stephen Pearcy, the voice of legendary glam metal band, RATT is on my show, "A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward"

8 p.m. central on

2-11-14 Home alive from Days Of The Dead, Atlanta!!! Thanks Atlanta for a great show!!

Check out my show, A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward
Tonight on the radio with me, John Dugan (Texas Chainsaw Massacre- Grandpa)

8 p.m. central on

Big Update to the site soon.

2-5-14 Come by and say "Hi" this weekend in Atlanta, GA at Days Of The Dead.  I'll be there!

Now, back to painting and playing "Don't Starve", the best game since Minecraft...

1-8-14  Happy New Year!  I am currently hard at work on the next licensed posters Bride Of Re-Animator and Cannibal Ferox.  These blood soaked suckers will be available fro you to ridicule soon!! I'll see you all in Atlanta, GA next month at Days Of The Dead!

12-29-13  So, very soon you can get your grubby mitts on some of my new licensed film posters at  Are you excited?  Damn right you are! 

So far, I have 4 conventions booked for 2014, if you wanna see me at your local shindig, request me.  It's that simple.


12-12-13  More FANGORIA "ME" news!  Check out the contest they are currently running for prints of my licensed horror film art HERE!

I am so excited to be a part of something I've loved my whole life like Fango!  Thanks to main slave driver and editing dictator, Chris Alexander for everything!

Did you check out my radio show last week?
 Image Comics co-Founder and creator of the Savage Dragon, Erik Larsen was on.  We flapped gums so long, the second part of the conversation will air this Tuesday!

11-21-13  Well, the cat (or cannibal) is out of the bag:
Head over to the
 FANGORIA website and check it out!

11-15-13  I really have not forgotten that I have a website to update, I have just been busy.  Busy enough I should be such luck...

I just sent off the final art that will appear in
Fangoria magazine's recently resurrected drunken step-uncle mag, GoreZone #29.  Not any detail beans that I can spill on that yet...

In other
Fangoria news, something big on the horizon.... Fangoria magazine and I have teamed up to bring you a really cool new surprise in the very near future.

Also,  I finally finished some art for the rap duo

10-17-13 Been a busy boy.  No update lately.  Sorry kids!
Got some huge news to share soon.  Also, a new print will be available Saturday. 
It's chock full of hot chick and monster!

I hope your Halloween month is going well!!!!!


9-30-13  NEW ORIGINAL ART SECTION IN THE STORE!  All original prints have a new lower price!
Halloween Appreciation Promotion:  Every Print Order includes a free original sketch card!

9-27-13 My new fully licensed, horror film poster series is about to grow again.  Stay tuned for a big announcement!
Meanwhile, get your Official
Psychomania and Re-Animator posters in the store now!  

9-25-13 Big Site Update! 2 NEW SHIRTS ADDED!

As usual, to avoid confusion, I'll say it now, girl not included...


9-21-13 This shirt is available without the girl in my store

9-20-13 Hey guys, I'm currently working on some art for the hip hop duo Twiztid.  They are big horror fans and have given me free reign to do some really cool horror art for them to use on their merch.  Additionally, now that the new Official Re-Animator Poster is out, I'm getting Bride Of Re-Animator out of the design stage and starting to paint it as well as working on two more new pieces that will be the next in the series of Fully Authorized Horror Film Posters that I'm releasing.  Can't wait to tell you what films they are.  Big time American Horror!

9-18-13 New Facebook contest is up and running.  Who wants free stuff?  Go to my Facebook page for details!

9-16-13  I'm Back in Texas after being in Lexington, KY at Scarefest with some great friends this weekend!  I want to officially announce the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW FULLY LICENSED OFFICIAL RE-ANIMATOR POSTER!


9-7-13  Hey guys, the new Phantom Killer prints are now available in the store!  These bad boys are based on the real life killer that inspired the classic Texarkana based film, "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"

9-5-13 See you next week in Lexington, KY at Scarefest!  Come see me in the musician section next to my pal Eerie Von and Dr. Chud!!

Also, on this Tuesday's
"A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward" I welcome the bringer of the RE-AGENTHerbert West's pal, the Producer or Re-Animator and Producer and director of Bride Of Re-Animator, my friend, Brian Yuzna!

8-29-13  Ark-La-Tex Comic Con in Texarkna, Texas is the place to be this weekend!  Join me and my friends, Ari Lehman, Theo Crane and Lyle Blackburn for a weekend of fun!  Saturday, the screen used Optimus Prime from the first Trans-Formers film will be on site!

I will have a special Texarkana themed piece at the show featuring the iconic Phantom Killer!  The real life killer that inspired the classic film, "The Town That Dreaded Sundown"!  Check it out in the Illustration section!

8-20-13 - Now in the Store - Everyday Italian Vampire
prints.  This is the one I've been most asked to do as a print that can be purchased so, here ya go kids!

8-20-13 - Now in the Store - Get your Frozen Dead shirt today!

8-15-13 - Get your Psychomania print now while you can! This limited run is selling fast!  Click HERE to see a preview of the next print in the poster series, a new fully authorized  Re-Animator  print!

8-14-13 - This coming weekend, I'll be in Pensacola, FL at the Para-Con with my buddy Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th).  Come see us!  Buy some art!  Buy some of Ari's new hot sauce!

Be sure to check out my radio show page for an archiveof my past shows.

And...a Special Thanks to
Chris Alexander &  Fangoria for all the support and the contest!  It means a lot.

Also, while I have your attention, why not treat yourself to a great movie....go visit my friends at Severin Films!!

7-10-13 - The Fully Licensed Psychomania Print is in the store and AVAILABLE NOW!  Limited to 250 prints.  Once this limited edition is gone. There will be no more.
Get yours today!

7-9-13 -Back in Texas from a Fabulous show in Indianapolis!! Days Of The Dead always rocks!  I appreciate everyone who came by, took photos and spent their hard earned cash with little ol' me!  Site updates are in the works now.

7-02-13 -Store updated!!!   You can spend your ill gotten gains, welfare checks, child support checks and hard earned blood plasma money here!!!!!

6-25-13 -Still alive!  Sorry-- no updates lately on the site.  I've been really busy on the radio show stuff and, working on a new project I'm really excited about.  I am currently working on an Official, Fully Authorized
Re-Animator art print series project in conjunction with Brian Yuzna. 

Also, in the next few days, in association with
Severin Films, I'll be releasing a Psychomania print.
If you aren't a fan of this 1970's biker/zombie/witchcraft need to check it out.

Check out liveparanormal .com's "
A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward" page for a back log of all my previous shows.  We are putting together a special show right now that will be a retrospective of the films directed by my dear friend, the late Andy Sidaris.

The show will be a round table of 
Malibu Bay Films favorites including Arlene Sidaris, Lisa London, Rodrigo Obregon and more...Stay Tuned for more info.

I hope all is well in your world!!!

5-17-13  More of my terrible art added.
Signed art prints will be available in the store very soon!

Oh, by the way, Theo Crane from AMC's The Walking Dead will be on my radio show, A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward Tuesday.  We will be going thru entries to give away a signed print!  Have you entered to win it?  Just go to my Facebook page and simply upload a picture showing why you need it or, write on my wall the reason you think you should win it.  It's that easy.

5-16-13  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA!  My Youngest son's birthday is today!!!  My wife and I are so blessed!

5-6-13  Tonight on the radio show:

Working on a poster for one of my favorite movies from childhood... below is a hint...

5-6-13  Yep...I've hit the big times...

5-6-13  Just got back from Texas Frightmare Weekend.  Great show.  Thanks to everybody who came by!

4-23-13 Tonight, my friend Theo Crane from AMC's The Walking Dead will be joining me on my radio show, A Bunch Of B.S. With Brian Steward.  Check it out on tonight at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. Central)

Also, for a limited time, I'm offering hand colored original sketches for $25.  E-mail me if you want one.  I'll take orders as long as I can keep up.  You can pick what you want: a zombie, monster or a surprise sketch.

4-17-13 Sad news, my friend, Richard LeParmentier has died.  You may remember him as Admril Motti, the one Imperial Officer foolish enough to challenge Darth Vader in the original Star Wars film.  His challenge was met with the now famous "Force Choke".  He was also featured in Superman II among many other films.  He was the reporter who corrected General Zod on incorrectly calling Earth, Planet Houston.  He was obviously a big fan of "poking the bear" in his roles.

4-17-13 Well, the first show is over and I only screwed up most of it.  My buddy Eerie is always fun to hang out with or talk to, so it was a pleasure for me.  Next Tuesday, my friend Theo Crane from AMC's The Walking Dead will be joining me.  He and I always have a great time together, so I'm sure it will be fun.

Getting ready for Texas Frightmare Weekend!!

4-15-13 Tomorrow night (April 16) at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. central) my radio show, "A Bunch Of B.S.! With Brian Steward" will debut on with my good friend, Eerie Von as my guest.  You probably remember EV as a founding member of the bands Danzig and Samhain.  What you may not know is, EV is an amazing painter and very accomplished photographer as well.  Be sure to check it out!  If you don't have a account, head to the site a little before the show starts to sign up.  It's free! 

4-09-13 I know there have not been a lot of art updates on the site lately.  But, there IS a lot of new art being done.

I've been getting caught up on a TON of commissions and getting some stuff ready for
Texas Frightmare Weekend.  Stay tuned, I'll be adding a sketch gallery and some new painted stuff soon.

4-08-13  On a sad note for the day:

4-08-13  Happy Birthday to my Dad!

4-05-13  I worked on some radio stuff and some Coco art today.  Added some photos to the "Photo Galleries" Page.  Listened to the new Suicidal Tendencies album all day.  It just gets better the more I listen.

4-04-13  New art added to the illustration section and one new item in the store.

Working out some interview details for the radio show today.... Multiple confirmed guests for upcoming broadcasts including actors from
The Walking Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

4-03-13 A few small updates today.  Working on sketches for contest winners.  New contest coming soon.

4-02-13  I did a huge site overhaul today.  A brand new coat of paint and a few new features.  Also, the store is much easier to find.  I'd love your feedback on the new design and additions!!

3-30-13  Hey everyone!! I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend. 

 I have been running a contest on my Facebook fan page that is wrapping up soon. So, if you haven't entered, DO IT NOW!!!!  I'll be contacting a few people soon to get their prizes out to them.  Thanks for the great response and great entries everybody!  It amazes me what you guys will do!  Doing some work on the website today, you will be seeing a few changes and updates soon!

 Also - I am taking a few commissions right now, just shoot me an E-mail if you are interested in getting some original art!!!!

3-17-13  I'll be on the radio tonight on tonight at 9 (8 central) check it out, call in and heckle...whatever makes you feel good...

3-13-13  Get your "Lumbering Zombie" shirt and other cool stuff at the BRIAN STEWARD STORE!

Back from Dead Winter, had a great time!  Thanks to everybody who came by!  Thanks Brian & Sam for an awesome show!

2-28-13 BIG UPDATE!!**  

I'm getting ready for The
Dead Winter Horror Convention in Somerset, KY next weekend.  Come by and visit.  As you should know by now, I'll be signing boobies, art and animals all weekend! 

**New art added to the Illustration Section!!!  "Uranus MUST Be Conquered" and "The Dirt Napper"!!

I recently did the promo art for
Days Of The Dead - L.A.  The piece is a parody of Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast, featuring the Deer Pope character created by my buddy, Chris Ott.  Check it out in the Illustration Section --Really looking forward to going back to L.A.!!  Come by and visit.

I also just finished the first poster for the
Days Of The Dead Pre-Show Party at the Viper Room in Hollywood as well.  If features my character, Coco, The Hula Girl, who will be appearing live onstage at the show.  This amazing show will feature the Sunflower Dead and my good Friend Ari Lehman's band, First Jason.  Prefect band name as he was the first Jason Vorhees in the original Friday The 13th film.  This show will be hosted by my buddy, Bill Mosley.  You know Bill from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 as Choptop and The Devil's Rejects as Otis Driftwood.

1-23-13 Getting ready for Days Of The Dead - Atlanta, GA next weekend.  Come by and visit.  As usual, I'll be signing boobies, cars, babies, art and animals all weekend! 

If you make it to
DOTD, be sure to check out the
Eerie Von (Danzig) show Thursday night featuring Michale Graves (The Misfits) and my friend, Ari Lehman's band, First Jason Ari was the original Jason Vorhees in the first Friday the 13th film.
I did the show poster...snag one and we will all sign it for ya.

Visit the Brian Steward Store today for shirts and art!!

1-7-13 Happy New Year.  Just now getting around to a quick update...I've been working on video game art and such.  Big updates coming soon!

Visit the Brian Steward Store today for shirts and art!!

12-20-12 Get your T-Shirts and sketchbooks today at the BRIAN STEWARD STORE!  All orders till the end of the year come with a free sketch!

I doubt the Mayans are going to cause this to be my last site update...tick tock tick tock.....


12-05-12 Get your T-Shirts and sketchbooks today at the BRIAN STEWARD STORE!
Also, more new art added in the illustration section!

12-05-12 New art added in the illustration section!

12-02-12 NEW SHIRT AVAILABLE!  Get your "Lumbering Zombie" shirt and other cool stuff at the BRIAN STEWARD STORE!

11-22-12  Visit the BRIAN STEWARD STORE  now to get the first sketchbook from Brian Steward,
"A SKETCHY PAST".  You could NOT cram more sexy girls and monsters in this book with a shoehorn!  Featuring 20 pages of never before seen art including an original sketch!  All sketchbook orders before December 11, 2012 also include a free signed art print!! 
While you're there, pick up your COCO The Hula Girl and Elephant Man Of War T-Shirts too!

11-21-12 Check out the poster I just did for Eerie Von's show at Days Of The Dead - Atlanta featuring Michale Graves and First Jason!

11-20-12 Back from Days Of The Dead-Chicago.  Had a blast!  Thanks to everybody who came to the show and to everyone who stopped by and spent their hard earned money the week of Black Friday!

11-11-12 Back from ComiCon-way in Conway, AR
Great show.  It was very impressive for a first year show
Looking forward to next year!

10-30-12 Back in Texas after seeing Zombie yesterday.  WOW!  Rob, Piggy, John & Ginger put on a show so tip top shelf,  it's second (A VERY CLOSE SECOND) only to KISS.  Meeting everybody was a blast.  Hopefully, I got some of John's guitar majik from the handshakes...

10-23-12  Thanks to everybody who came by and spent their hard earned money on my junk at the Shreveport Zombie Walk!  I know you could have spent it elsewhere.
Now, on to Comic-Con Way in two weeks and Days of the Dead the following week!

10-23-12 be sure to check out my friends at HORRORUNLIMITED.COM  &

10-21-12 Hey kids, I'll be at the Shreveport Zombie Walk this Saturday in Shreveport, LA.  It's a bit last minute, but, I just agreed to appear last week.  Come see me, In the spirit of Election Season I'll be shaking babies and kissing hands!!

Gwar art added.

10-10-12 Happy Wednesday.  New stuff added!

10-09-12  Kiss: Monster came out today.  I'm still a sucker for anything KISS...

10-05-12 It's official....I will be at Days Of The Dead - Atlanta!!  I'm so ready for that show!!

8-20-12 It's official....I will be at Days Of The Dead - Chicago!!  Can't wait!!

Thanks for a great show! Ray and everyone at

Ark-La-Tex Comic Con had their shit together!!!  Looking forward to their next show - I'll be back next year!

8-16-12 This Saturday and Sunday I'll be a guest at the Ark-La-Tex Comic Con.  Come see me, spend some money and leave happy!  I'll even sign boobies!!

< Click the picture for more info!

8-15-12 Updates in Illustration section

 8-3-12 Going to see Kiss & Motley Crue in Dallas tomorrow.

7-23-12 Hey guys, Site update today with art in the Illustration section... "ELEPHANT MAN OF WAR"

Also,  I will be attending the ArkLaTex Comic Con in Texarkana, Texas August 18-19.  Come by and say hi!!!  Coco The Hula Girl will be there with me both days.

7-12-12 I'm home from the conventions. The new online store will be up by early next week.  Thanks to everybody who came by to say "hi" or buy something.  There were lots of things to spend your time and money on at the shows, so thanks for spending some with me.

6-22-12 Site update. 
Working on convention stuff...

5-23-12 I'll be attending the Fright Night Film Fes in Louisville, KY - June 29-July 1.  Come say "Hi" and get a print or two.  My Zombie and Monster fighting Hula Girl, Coco will be there in the flesh....lots of sure to get a photo with her.

5-20-12 My part is done....All of the artwork for Cowbell Hero is in the hands of programmers, wizards and smart people.  Far as I know, it's an early summer release
(I think) from Digital Hero Games (I'm sure about this part, they are the ones that paid me).  Get your sideburns grown out and your bell bottoms's time to rock out 70's style baby! 

5-8-12 - Back from Texas Frightmare Weekend.  It was a blast!  A Special "THANK YOU" to Traci Lords and IronE Singleton!!!!!  You are the best!  I'll post more about this later.  Store coming soon!!

5-3-12 - Big site update

3-02-12 - More "amazing" art (just an opinion) splattered across Illustration section.

1-04-12 - New art added in the Illustration section. 

1-01-12 - It's a new year.  I make no resolutions.

10-28-11 - New art added in the Illustration section.  Alice Cooper and American Sideshow Icon Schlitzie!

5-24-11 -  I'm alive.  It's been forever since I updated.  I had a big update planned a few months ago but, bone, blood and sawblade said no.  I almost lost my thumb and the two fingers I hold a pencil with on my right hand to a tablesaw a while back.  I cut the bones and nails so, needless to say, no art, no work for a while .  It's slow but, I am working again.

Morbid Curiosity? - Click here for photos
(warning it's gross)

My accident has allowed me the time to try something new, concrete sculpture.  You can see the newly formed Tiki Gods here.

New art posted.  All art on this site was manufactured in China and contains lead...

10-31-10      Happy Halloween

10-09-10  ***Again accepting a limited amount
                of commissions***  email for details.

10-01-10New art posted all over site!

04-06-09 - Illustration Added
Yes, another monster...I'm sensing a pattern here...

03-30-09 - More Updates
New art added of  Eeli & 10 Man, characters created for my children that are now in a book being released soon.
Have a great day!

03-26-09 - More Site Updates
New gallery items added in "Odds & Ends" today.
My film work section is now expanded. 
Go rent or buy an Andy Sidaris movie today!
3D section also expanded to include a model used to
rebrand an ambulance service.